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Lynn McGee has a conversation and reads with Susana H. Case for Read It Again, a bookstore in Savannah, Georgia, June 26, 2020. 
Lisa Grgas reviews Tracks in The Literary Review, an International Journal of Contemporary Writing, March 2020
Anne Graue reviews Tracks in The Rupture magazine, February 2020
Lynn McGee reads from Tracks, a video in Don Yorty Explorations, October 2019
The Body as Witness: A Conversation Between Risa Denenberg and Lynn McGee, Lambda Literary Review, October 24, 2019. 
Methods and Materials: The Sojourns of Affinities, Owl Light News, August 30, 2019. Lynn McGee (Tracks, Broadstone Books, 2019) and Bill Mohr (The Headwaters of Nirvana: Reassembled Poems, A bilingual edition translated by José Luis Rico and Robin Myers, What Books Press, 2019) talk about their new books.
Lynn McGee is interviewed by Cristina Querrer on YourArtsyGirlPodcast, August 2019.
Two Poets, Straight and Queer, Find Common Ground in Femme ID and ContentNorth of Oxford, May 2019. Lynn McGee (Tracks, Broadstone Books, 2019) and Susana H. Case, (Drugstore Blue, Five Oaks Press, 2017) discuss their new books. 
Tracks (Broadstone Books, 2019) is reviewed by Gerald Wagoner for the Indolent Books blog, May 2019.
Tracks is reviewed in Koan Kinship by Bill Mohr, May 2019. 
After her poem "Jupiter and Chaparral" appeared in the Fall 2017 Potomac Review, the magazine interviewed Lynn McGee for an article, "Revering Vignettes: A Conversation with Lynn McGee," posted February 21, 2018 on their blog. Thanks to Editor John Wang and Intern Vida Branco!
Lynn talks about Sober Cooking in "A Conversation Between Poets: Lynn McGee and Elaine Sexton on Loss and Love," in the Fall 2016 Lambda Literary Review.
"Tender Roots: Sober Cooking with Poet Lynn McGee," an interview and review by Erin Adair-Hodges, appears Spring 2016 in The New Guard literary magazine.
Los Angeles poet and literary historian William Mohr discusses both Sober Cooking and Lynn's award-winning chapbook Heirloom Bulldog in his blog entry, "Wanting Animals on Her Side: A review of two books by Lynn McGee."
Sober Cooking is reviewed by Djelloul Marbrook in The Arabesques Review.
Eizabeth Cohen reviews Sober Cooking in At the Inkwell, October 2016.
Lynn is featured in the video blog Don Yorty: Explorations in Writing, Travel and Education, reading from Sober Cooking as well as from Heirloom Bulldog.
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