Just out from the Atticus Review:


"My Seven-Season Friendship With a Russian Spy"


Poem and reading by Lynn McGee

Soundtrack by Bill Parod

Painting, "We're Not Friends, We're Not Anything," by Teresa Parod

Thank you to Attitcus Review Mixed Media Editor Matt Mullins for presenting this audio collaboration I did with my friend Bill Parod..


"My Seven Season Friendship With a Russian Spy" is a 21-stanza poem from my manuscript, THE TV IN THE OTHER ROOM, a collection of work in which I've appropriated content from both contemporary and classic TV and streaming series, as well as movies, creating a hybrid narrative.


This poem was inspired by the FX streaming series, The Americans, which features two KGB agents posing as a suburban couple outside Washington, D.C. The speaker in the poem connects emotionally with the tender-hearted husband, relating to his hazardous world, his yearning for love and his homesickness. Composer, violinist and all-around creative guy Bill Parod created a soundtrack that interacts with the poem in surprising ways. I hope you enjoy it!












Original artwork by France Hilbert


What Rough Beast — the poem-a-day feature of Indolent Books, edited by Michael Broder — sequentially released 10 poems from my "Crush" series. The poems are in my manuscript BLOCKBUSTER LOVE, quarterfinalist in the 2019 Codhill Press manuscript contest. 





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