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New from North Dakota Quarterly, two poems from my manuscript THE TV IN THE OTHER ROOM: "Longing Comes to Life" and "Parade of Hats."

New from Naugatuck River Review: 

"Differently Alert."


New from Sugar House Review: "New Leaf."


thanks to The Night Heron Barks, for publishing two poems from my manuscript, THE TV IN THE OTHER ROOM. "Who I Was Before We Met" features original music by Bill Parod. "Our Beautiful Escape" is inspired by the series, "Escape from Dannemora."


New, with thanks to What Rough Beast, the poetry blog

of Indolent Books

Social Isolating, 1: Last night a cockroach walked toward me ...

Domain and Range

Crush, 1: I think I would like you sleepy ...

Crush, 3: I clear the gap between the subway's gliding doors. ..

Crush, 5: I'm leaning back against the rope ...

Crush, 7: You are polite as a cadet ..

Crush, 8: It's not as simple as that contrast of you street boxing ...

Crush, 10: A little girl stabs a giant in the eye ...

Crush, 12: I'm driving up the West Side Highway ...

Crush, 14: I talk to you with ear buds...

Crush, 15: My flight is delayed ...

Crush, 16: Now I know your truck has the mild scent of leather...

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 12.02.15

New, with thanks to The Atticus Review:

"My Seven-Season Friendship With a Russian Spy"

Poem and reading by Lynn McGee, Soundtrack by Bill Parod


"My Seven Season Friendship With a Russian Spy" is a 21-stanza poem from my manuscript, THE TV IN THE OTHER ROOM. This poem was inspired by the FX streaming series, The Americans, which features two KGB agents posing as a suburban couple outside Washington, D.C. The speaker in the poem relates to the tender-hearted husband, with his hazardous world, his yearning for love and his homesickness. Composer and violinist Bill Parod created a soundtrack that interacts with the poem in surprising ways. Thanks for listening!

Lesbian, Lynn McGee

Thanks to The Lake:  "Profile"

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