"Photo in a Photo," Upstreet


“Razed,” Lavender Review

“Zoo Dream,” Glassworks 

"Letting Go on St. Patrick's Day," The American Journal of Poetry

“Morning on the 1 Train,” "Come Home Safely" and "Scent," Across the Margin and Tracks

“Our Dad,” Literary Mama and Tracks

“The Lake,” Cordella Magazine

“Profile,” The Lake (scroll down)

“Trees Along the Sawmill Parkway,” Nine Muses Poetry

“I Leave Your Listed” and "Scar," Storyscape Literary Journal and Sober Cooking

“The Dead Visit Before a Routine Procedure,” Big City Lit and Sober Cooking

“Luck,” Big City Lit and Heirloom Bulldog

“World of Love,” Two Bridges Review 

“The Culture of Crows,” The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology and Heirloom Bulldog

Original artwork by France Hilbert