New from Sugar House Review: "New Leaf."

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"Differently Alert."


thanks to The Night Heron Barks, for publishing two poems from my manuscript, THE TV IN THE OTHER ROOM. "Who I Was Before We Met" features original music by Bill Parod. "Our Beautiful Escape" is inspired by the series, "Escape from Dannemora."

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of Indolent Books

Social Isolating, 1: Last night a cockroach walked toward me ...

Domain and Range

Crush, 1: I think I would like you sleepy ...

Crush, 3: I clear the gap between the subway's gliding doors. ..

Crush, 5: I'm leaning back against the rope ...

Crush, 7: You are polite as a cadet ..

Crush, 8: It's not as simple as that contrast of you street boxing ...

Crush, 10: A little girl stabs a giant in the eye ...

Crush, 12: I'm driving up the West Side Highway ...

Crush, 14: I talk to you with ear buds...

Crush, 15: My flight is delayed ...

Crush, 16: Now I know your truck has the mild scent of leather...


New, with thanks to The Atticus Review:

"My Seven-Season Friendship With a Russian Spy"

Poem and reading by Lynn McGee, Soundtrack by Bill Parod


"My Seven Season Friendship With a Russian Spy" is a 21-stanza poem from my manuscript, THE TV IN THE OTHER ROOM. This poem was inspired by the FX streaming series, The Americans, which features two KGB agents posing as a suburban couple outside Washington, D.C. The speaker in the poem relates to the tender-hearted husband, with his hazardous world, his yearning for love and his homesickness. Composer and violinist Bill Parod created a soundtrack that interacts with the poem in surprising ways. Thanks for listening!

Lesbian, Lynn McGee

Thanks to The Lake:  "Profile"

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