"New Leaf," a poem, is forthcoming in Sugar House Review.

"Scent," a poem in Tracks (Broadstone Books, 2019) has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

"Bioluminescence," a poem with original audio composition by Bill Parod, is forthcoming in Atticus Review

"Wolfram, my Valentine," a poem, is forthcoming in the Atlanta Review.


"Coyote Country" and "Scent," two poems, are forthcoming in Across the Waves: Contemporary Poetry from Ireland and the United States (Salmon Books). 

"Choice" and "Her Next Meal," two poems, are forthcoming in Saranac Review.


Starting Over in Sunset Park, a children's book co-written with José Pelauz and illustrated by Bianca Diaz, is forthcoming in Fall 2020 from Tilbury House Publishers, distributed by Norton.